Frequently Asked Questions

THE UNKNOWN are the protagonists and antagonists of the universe we have created. More generally, it is the code name of our project which is based on art, science fiction and ecology. It is divided into 4 parts.

THE UNKNOWN - part 1 - THE PLANTS is the first step of THE UNKNOWN project, the first characters to appear in our history. It consists of 3,000 unique hand drawn plants living as NFTs on the Solana blockchain. They’re procedurally generated based on 120+ different traits. There will only be 3000 plants in total.

THE UNKNOWN community is defined by all the people who share our values ​​and who own at least one NFT from one of our collections.

As mentioned above you need at least one NFT from one of our collections. All Plants NFTs are priced at 0.6 SOL. But that could change (down, not up) if the price of SOL explodes. Membership to THE UNKNOWN community is granted for as long as you hold your NFT.

You will be able to mint UNKNOWN PLANTS through our official website. Once all the NFTs have been sold, you might be able to find some on the aftermarket platforms, like Magic Eden, ...

Indeed, we have made the decision to allocate 25% of mint incomes to the secondary market. This corresponds to a maximum of 450 SOL which will be used, under conditions, to sweep the floor.

As mentioned by the very honorary, our greatness, the Doc Thing, by taking part in the THE UNKNOWN project you buy not only a magnificent profile picture but also a comic book in digital version as well as a paperback, numbered and signed copy of the comics of the current series (The Plants). You will also receive a surprise and to top it off we will begin our charity actions.

The community fund is a wallet created for the THE UNKNOWN community and which will be funded by 80% of the royalties collected on secondary markets and by a part of the royalties collected from the sale of the digital version of the comic book. Periodically, we will have the community vote to decide how this fund will be used.

The two actions that we have decided to carry out are directly linked to our history. Indeed, ecology is one of our main concerns and we want to approach the problem from two different but complementary angles. A short-term response action which consists of the planting of several trees by NFT sold. And in the more or less long term, raising young people's awareness of ecology through the free distribution of our comic book in thousands of schools.


No lies, no promises, no sophisticated roadmap, 100% transparency. Here's what we've done so far and what we would like to do in the best of all possible worlds.